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2 People 1 Hoveround

Check out this odd (or fuel efficient?) scenario our very own ZigZag caught on video recently…

NEW EPISODE: 12/17/2013

We’ll be launching a completely revamped version of the HyperSloth Happy Hour after the first of the new year. In the mean time we’ve just been bullshitting on air…which is still quite amusing, of course:

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Waiting in Line 3D

‘Tis the time of the year for waiting in long ass lines. Get geared up by playing this addictive game where you wait in line and have to punch yourself in the face to stay awake!



Star in HyperSloth’s Next Music Video!! Yes, YOU!!

Hey, you! Do you want to star in HyperSloth’s next video for our record smashing hit single Beer Is Food?! Of course you do! Well, here’s how you can do it AND get a free gift!

Read more details below or get it straight from Rufus and ZigZag in these videos!

1) Take a video of yourself doing something to the song…anything. Yep, you can do whatever you want. Lip sync. Dance. Drink beer. Balance your checkbook. Anything! As long as you do it to the song.

2) Upload your video to YouTube and email us a link to it at: video [@]

3) We’ll download it and compile all the best parts into a montage video starring you!

Now, we may get more videos than we can realistic compile into a single montage video. We apologize in advance if we are unable to work your video into the final piece. But don’t fret, because you will still receive the free gift! What is this free gift? Well, buckle your seat belts, because your free gift receptors are about to be melted!

Everyone who sends in a video will get FREE MP3 copies of all three of our currently recorded songs:

Beer Is Food
Internet Luv Song
Na Na Na (All Day)
AND an official HyperSloth image autographed by ZigZag and Rufus!

Please take a moment to catch your breath.

Great, now get started! You can stream the song Beer Is Food for your video from these links:

Want to take the song on the road? Have an Android phone? Then download our ReverbNation app:

HyperSloth App

Internet Luv Song AND Beer Is Food Now Available

Yes, it is true. Now you can purchase BOTH Internet Luv Song AND Beer Is Food for the amazingly low price of only $0.99 each from your favorite online MP3 retailers! Use the links below:

Beer Is Food

Internet Luv Song

Song Analysis: Willie Nelson’s “Time of the Preacher” and Praise for Smokin Hitz / Globocorp

Here we reminisce on our past adventures with Globocorp Industries and Smokin Hitz Records and how we look forward to changing the world yet again with their solidarity and support. Also, we analyse the song “Time of the Preacher” by up and coming country star Willie Nelson. This guy is good and we think he might really have a chance in the music business. You should check out some of his stuff.

Have a listen to Willie’s song here:

James Brown “Super Bad” and Beer Is Food Now Available for Download

ZigZag and Rufus discuss the awesomeness of James Brown’s “Super Bad Parts 1 & 2” and the release of the new Hypersloth single “Beer Is Food”…

Here are the James Brown videos referenced in the show:

Beer Is Food Now Available for Download!

Yessir, this is true. You can now download the revolutionary new globe shaking Hypersloth single Beer Is Food from these fine purveyors of digitized music:


Google Play

Amazon MP3


Beer Is Food Worldwide Premiere

Holy shit it has happened. Beer Is Food is wrapped and mastered and we premiere it in this episode of The HyperSloth Happy Hour with ZigZag and Rufus! Have a listen and keep a pair of clean underwear nearby for you shall crap your pants in amazement. Check back here later for download links!

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